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Nobody knows who built the great underground labyrinth called Telengard. Some say that the souls that perish there feed some unspeakable demon. Others say that it is a testing ground for wizards and warriors. Even the most seasoned of fighters sometimes do not return from the nether-most levels of the dungeon. But, like gamblers, even the most sucessful adventurers return again and again down into the circular stairways and tomb-like corridors of Telengard, risking their very lives for gold, treasure and magical powers.
The sunken levels of Telengard are as ancient as the dragons and trolls that roam them .. its very existence is a mystery .. its owners or creators are unknown. It is an enigma, a maze, a treasure chest, an arena, and a quick death for the unwary. It is .. Telengard

It's been a 25 year project, with long breaks between modifications.

Back in 1996, I thought I had lost all my early work when my 6 month old baby boy found my DDI Telengard floppy disk. In short order, it was folded up beyond readable and I couldn't find my backup disk then. Several years of innovative work was lost. I salvaged bits and pieces using a sector editor, but never did find the time and energy to pick up the pieces and start over.

AH Telengard uses nearly all available BASIC memory, and quite a bit of effort was spent back then trying to figure out how to fit my changes in to what little memory was left. It was a lot of work to lose and I never thought I'd find the spirit to resurrect my ultimate Telengard project. But as fate would have it, I was sorting through some boxes in 2011 and found my DDI Telengard backup disk!

A lot of time and energy has been put in to thoroughly recoding the Avalon Hill release of Telengard for the Commodore 64. Nearly every section of the original program has been reworked to add features and streamline code. I've also written two charater generators, DTC for the original AH Disk Telengard, and DTC2 for use with DDI Telengard.

Some of the new game features in DDI Telengard are a character stats search routine for 80+ total points, in game pause, improved definition of Elven Cloak and Invisibility protection, new powerful spells such as Power Wraithing and Arcane Sight, advanced dungeon area detectection using Ultra Vision, and a regenerating quest feature to retrieve a hidden priceless Sceptre. Arcane Sight allows for dungeon coordinate mapping, and an awareness of spell durations.

Be sure to check the in game help page via the 'H' key.

Use the left arrow key to enable the 80+ stats search when creating a new character. (Not enabled in the Java 64 emulator)

Among the many Telengard resources you'll find here is a d64 disk image contaning DDI Telengard and the DTC programs, which can be found at the lower left of this page. Simply click on the DDI Telengard disk to download the DDI Telengard zip package. Refer to the txt file in the zip package for detailed info on DDI Telengard.

If you're a fan of Warlords II Deluxe, be sure to check out DDI Telengard for Warlords II Deluxe. (Click Below)

Telengard was released back in 1981 for the CBM PET micro on data cassette, and subsequently on floppy disk for other micros. In the final phase of my DDI Telengard project, I've burned and preserved DDI Telengard on a special cartridge for the Commodore 64. The cartridge is a recreation of the Jason Ranheim CPR3 cartridge, which allows the system state to resume at a point where running code had been captured. Resources needed to make a DDI Telengard CPR3 cartridge can be found at the Deadly Dragon Inn below. simply click there to download the DDI Cart zip package containing a d64 disk image of PROMOS 2.0 for the Promenade C1 EPROM Programmer, a d64 disk image of the DDI Telengard ROM set, and industry standard gerber files for the fabrication of a CPR3 cartridge PCB!!

It was always my ultimate goal to burn Telengard to a Commodore 64 Cartridge. It's amazing that with all the updates and recodes to high and low memory, the JR Capture Cart is able to autoload it all and yield a fully functional ROM set.

It's the Telengard holy grail and homage to a magical time in gaming history of bygone dungeon dwelling and dragon slaying days that spawned a digital revolution in gaming, where Telengard holds a very special place at the dawn of the micro age. I'll never forget seeing Telengard on a green monochrome CBM PET back in 1982, with all the wonder, depth and intrigue that this new thing of a desktop computer held in store.